About Us

New Life College (NLC) is a division of Nava Jeeva Ashram, founded by Dr. John Thannickal in 1978. A graduate of Serampore University, Wheaton College and Fuller Theological Seminary, Dr. Thannickal is currently the Principal of New Life College and President of Nava Jeeva Ashram. Leadership of NLC is provided by a Board, Advisers, and the Administrative Council.

We offer Master of Theology (M.Th), Master of Divinity (M.Div), Bachelor of Theology (B.Th), Diploma in Theology (D.Th) and Certificate in Theology (C.Th) programs to our students who are qualified. Over 1,000 from all over India have graduated since its inception, serving the cause of the Church in various capacities as pastors, evangelists and teachers.

The Bachelor of Theology (BTH) and Master of Divinity (M.Div) programs offered at NLC are accredited by Asia Theological Association (ATA).

From the Principal

New Life College is dedicated to excellence in theological education. The primary task of education whether in the secular field or religious sphere is to understand excellence by reading and comparing various fields of knowledge. In all of human history the newness of Jesus Christ as revealed in the New Testament is the most excellent expression of education. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught the excellence of His Kingdom in comparison with the Old Testament teaching (Mathew.5).

In comparison to the Decalogue, Jesus introduced a positive new commandment of Love (Jn 13: 34). The heaven and earth will be renewed (2 Pet 3:13, Rev 21:1) as a result of the process of renewal toward excellence. New life in Christ (Acts 5:20, Rom 6:4) is the hallmark of excellence.

The task of discipling is not only teaching the excellence available to us through Christ, but also motivating the disciples to appropriate excellence. Our power for the ministry to appropriate the divine Excellencies in Christ comes from the Holy Spirit who is our Helper and Comforter. As Paul admonished the Ephesian Christians, ‘let us be filled with the Holy Spirit’ (Eph 5:18).

The Holy Spirit has guided us as we have sought to train leaders for the Church of the 21st century. During the last fifteen years of our history, we have observed the growth of our students in spiritual maturity. Thank God that we made an impact in their lives to understand spiritual excellence. Many have become pastors of their local churches and others have become teachers in Bible Colleges and schools. We pray that God will continue to guide and bless us as we strive for excellence in our service to Him.


Dr. John Thannickal, Principal, New Life College, Bangalore