We welcome all the NLC alumni to this page in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Alumni play a vital role in the success and growth of an institution. When the relationship is stronger & healthier, the impact in the society would be powerful because ministry is always interdependent.

The Purpose  
• To support our graduates in their ministries
• To facilitate and strengthen the fellowship of alumni
• To support NLC through prayer and giving

Alumni Impact Fund (AIF)
This fund helps exemplary students who struggle to pay their tuition. The fund will also be equally distributed to students who are visiting mission agencies to do ministry during their summer and winter vacations.

Alumni and ministry opportunities for students
Alumni’s  play an important role in helping graduating students to identify and move in to their area of calling.  Alumni ministering in churches, bible colleges, mission organisation and NGOs come to NLC and make presentations regarding the ministry opportunities or send information of their requirements which is of great help to our graduating students.

How my role makes a difference?
Every individual make a huge difference to the ministry of NLC by taking actively taking part in the Alumni Association.  Please take time in partaking in the local Alumni meetings, send in your stories and updates of your ministry, contribute regularly to the AIF Fund, place your advertisement and wishes in the Year Book, refer prospective students to NLC and encourage your friends to partner with NLC.

Alumni Card
The card will be given to all the alumni who register their details via online or in person at the office premises. They will be given a card with a unique serial number which gives them access to enjoy the benefits given by NLC.
• Alumni are eligible for discounts for use of NLC Chapel, conference halls and Class rooms.
• Alumni can also use the library and attend certain SAIACS Seminars free of charge.
• Special discounts are available for NLC Training programs, consultations and merchandises.