Master of Theology

Master of Theology (M.Th)

Leaders are important for the Church to achieve its redemptive potential. The M. Th degree program seeks to achieve this objective by equipping men and women for leadership positions in the Church and Christian Organizations. The program would help theologically qualified students to further expand their theological knowledge, develop a reasoning mindset and practice leadership.  Courses will be offered in the New Testament discipline. Students would be required to learn and demonstrate research skills by writing a thesis in a specific field of specialization.

The M. Th program is a 2 year program (1 year residential, module format) and requires 44 credits for completion.

Please see the M. Th Degree Program Sheet for more detailed information. To apply, please complete the Online Application Steps or you can download the M.Th_Admissions_Application and submit along with the required academic records.

Admission Information

  • Applicants with adequate ministry experience and possessing a B.D or M. Div degree with a qualifying second class score would be eligible to apply for the M. Th degree course.
  • Language: The applicant must prove their proficiency in the Greek language. In case of deficiency, the students are required to be enrolled for Pre-M. Th.
  • For more detailed information, please see the M. Th Degree Program Sheet.
  • To apply, please see the Online Application Instructions page or download the M.Th_Admissions_Application (PDF) and submit the completed application to the NLC Admissions Drive, along with copies of your academic records. You can also mail the documents to New Life College, by speed post or courier.