Master of Theology (M.Th) in Religion and Philosophy


  1. To equip men and women for Christian ministry with a reasonable and comprehensive knowledge about the Religion and Philosophy.
  2. To build bridges of understanding for the communication of the Gospel clearly and persuasively.


2-years (1-year online and modular format)

The course is a two-year full time residential programme. However, the second-year thesis does not require fulltime residential stay on campus. Subjects are offered in a modular system. A module is a focus area that is studied intensively and completed within a period of a month. Students would be required to present seminar papers in each module to introduce them to areas of research.


  1. Applicants are requested to have successful completion of M.Div. or BD with B grade from a recognized institution.
  2. Applicants with all the necessary documents must be submitted to the office before attending the class.

Requirements of the program

There will be eight modules of four credits spreading from first year to second year with a research writing of twelve credits leading towards a thesis of minimum of hundred to hundred and twenty pages. In addition, preliminary Sanskrit and preliminary Arabic language will be taught in relation to the thesis research. The total credits required for M. Th. degree is forty-four.


Please see the M. Th Degree Program Sheet for more detailed information. To apply, please visit the Application page for detailed instructions.